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Ed ‘El Stupido’ Reyes – Godfather of Dope

January 10, 2010

Ed ‘El Stupido’ Reyes has been ‘in charge’ of regulating the growth of marijuana shops in Los Angeles for over 4 years. In that time, Reyes has failed to come up with any meaningful rules or regulations.

The situation in Los Angeles got so out of control that in September 2009, 4 years and 2 months after Reyes started screwing up something a child could do, the Los Angeles City Council took the task away from him.

Reyes, a small man with a huge ego, is not taking the embarrassing indictment of his ineptitude lightly. The self-appointed Don of Dope is determined to stamp his mark on Los Angeles by doing his level best to derail any attempt by the City Council to follow legal advice given by the City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich to the effect that the law only allowed collective cultivation of marijuana, not retail sales.

Tempers flared when Reyes, as well as several pro-marijuana councilmembers such as Paul ‘Potato Head’ Koretz, were made to look like complete fools when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled that marijuana cannot be sold. Previously Reyes and Koretz had succeeded in convincing most of the City Council that marijuana could be sold as long as the exchange of cash for drugs was called something else; like a ‘contribution,’ or a ‘reimbursement.’

The reaction of Reyes and Koretz was utterly predictable. The pair tried to deflect any blame for being wrong by choosing to characterize the matter as ‘a difference of opinion’ and lambasted City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for what they described as ‘politicizing’ the issue.

While opinions may differ, when a Superior Court Judge tells you what the law is, you are either stupid or reckless when you ignore that opinion.

While Reyes has tried to minimize his stupidity and ignorance of the law, he’s had a harder time trying to explain how he gave unlimited access to his office to Don Duncan, founder of  Americans for Safe Access.

Reyes probably believed Don Duncan to be simply an advocate for providing medical marijuana to sick patients. Apparently Reyes so utterly believed in Duncan that just before the City Council took the marijuana shop ordinance away from Reyes, he tried to slip in an amendment to the ordinance that appears to have been written by Duncan.

Duncan may not be all he seemed to be to the gullible Ed Reyes. The LA Weekly reported that Duncan owns and operates a marijuana shop in West Hollywood; the Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group. It may strike you as strange that Ed Reyes choose to take advice from a man with a business interest, but what is even more strange is that the LA Weekly also reported that Duncan operates a consultancy business for investors who want to profit by opening marijuana shops.  Reyes has a lot to hide from when it comes to being accused of being a complete fool and the fact that he openly criticized and condemned the legal advice he was given by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and preferred the advice of a marijuana shop owner and paid marijuana business consultant, makes it difficult for the councilmember to shake off his City Hall nickname, ‘El Stupido.’

Most recently, Council District 5 Councilman Paul ‘Potato Head’ Koretz has been criticized for causing this mess by screwing up his attempt to create a lawful means of marijuana use when, as a member of the State legislature, he created a law that the LA Times described as “confusing.” When confronted with his own stupidity, the Potato Headed Councilman embarked on a rant against the City Attorney for not ‘helping.’ Koretz recently became a councilman after narrowly winning a hotly contested election that saw candidate David Vahedi defeated by what some consider to be questionable campaign finance conduct.

The Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to resume its attempts to regulate the estimated 1,000+ marijuana shops on Wednesday, January 13, 2010. While Ed Reyes and Paul Koretz can be expected to continue their obstruction and deflection of culpability, one person my be absent from the proceedings. Don Duncan is rumored to have relocated to Denver, Colorado where the reputation he built as consigliere to the Don of Dope has apparently garnered him many new clients keen to cash in on Denver’s burgeoning marijuana shop industry.


Koretz Lashes Out – At his own stupidity

January 9, 2010

Paul Potato Head

Six months into the job and CD5 Los Angeles Clowncil member Paul ‘Potato Head’ Koretz is lashing out at everyone but himself in response to criticism of his inability to bring an end to the Medical Marijuana Mayhem he caused by co-authoring the incredibly poorly written Medical Marijuana Program Act of 2004.

At the time Koretz was playing to the West Hollywood drug culture and thought it was humorous to get his Bill the number ‘420.’ The Bill passed thanks to pressure from legalization of drugs activists led by a bunch of sick people that Koretz and that other putz, Ed Reyes, never realized were nothing but a bunch of shills for the drug cartels keen to enlarge their market share.

What threw Mr. Potato Head into a funk was LA Times reporter John Hoeffel’s January 6, 2010 article “Confusion about marijuana sales traced to California law.” In the article, Hoeffel clearly identifies Potato Head as the cause of the so-called confusion in the law that allows people to use, possess and share marijuana, but does not allow them to sell it.

Koretz had not been in City Hall long enough to pick up one of the Mayor Sam Blog Political Ass Clown of the Year awards, but with his continuing efforts to try to pass the buck to others, such as City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Chalfant, Mr. Potato Head Koretz looks certain to be a shoe-in next year.

Jan Perry – Political Ass Clown of the Year

January 6, 2010

Few would argue that the Mayor Sam Blog Award of Political Ass Clown of the Year 2009 was rightfully awarded and richly deserved by Jan Perry.

While the City of Los Angeles faces bankruptcy at a rate of over $1M a day, Jan Perry signed off on the City spending $3.4M to support AEG’s Michael Jackson Memorial Show.

When public outcry at the waste of taxpayer funds became too much for Perry, she started asking for ‘donations’ to cover her largesse, like a streetperson asking for spare change. Lota class.