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Pershing Square is the heart of Los Angeles that has no soul. Despite a $15M renovation in 1992, the Square is neglected and serves as  home to many of the Los Angeles homeless population. Sitting in Council District 9, it’s current elected official, Jan Perry, has done nothing to improve the park as it does not appear to be important to any of her supporters. Basically, the Square has no political capital for Perry, so she ignores it.

As Downtown Los Angeles continues to experience a revival terms of loft conversions to attract young professionals to live in what has been the crime center of Los Angeles, perhaps some developer money will find its way to Jan Perry and the Square will appear on her radar. For now, Pershing Square serves mostly the homeless and they don’t vote or contribute to Perry’s campaign to become Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013.

This Blog is not dedicated exclusively to Jan Perry’s pay to play politics, but to all the shenanigans practiced by the clowns of Los Angeles City Hall, including, but not limited to, Ed ‘El Stupido’ Reyes, Paul ‘Potato Head’ Koretz, and any other elected official, government flunky, or city insider who puts their interests ahead of those of the City and its residents

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