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Will Perry Sellout to SuperGraphics?

March 8, 2010

Los Angeles political heavyweight Councilperson Jan Perry poses the greatest impediment to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s task force to eradicate illegal billboards, according to the City Hall Insider.

Perry alone was responsible for stalling Trutanich’s proposed action against AEG for attempting to install illegal billboards at their cinema complex last year. In that case, Perry weighed in on behalf of AEG and apparently confronted Trutanich at a private meeting. The meeting appears not to have gone well as Perry’s immediate response was to run around to the media squealing like a stuck pig, accusing Trutanich of ‘threatening’ to throw her in jail.

Perry’s response was to force the issue in City Council, where she passed a motion to grant AEG the billboards that the City’s billboard ban otherwise declared illegal. Perry’s motive for being AEG’s savior are described by many in City Hall as either “payoff or payback.” The implication being that Perry did AEG a favor as a payback for their past financial support in her electoral campaigns, or that AEG promised Perry future payoffs for her campaign to become Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013. Either way you look at it, it stinks.

There’s no question that AEG could make significant donations to Perry’s Mayoral campaign, even with Los Angeles’ restrictive campaign finance limits. However, in a Citywide election it is unlikely that Perry will be able to rely on AEG alone for sufficient financial support.

It is perhaps, the fear that Perry might start becoming the savior of other corporations eager to add advertising revenue to their properties, that must have the City Hall Insider speculating on Perry being amenable to supporting other illegal billboard interests in the City in return for campaign contributions.

City Council President Eric Garcetti was the first to support Trutanich for his non-nonsense speedy solution to “Dragongate,” the first criminal prosecution of illegal signage since the citywide ban was introduced last year. And while others on the Council were quick to show their support, there was a deafening silence from Perry. Perhaps that’s her way of signaling that she’s interested in hearing from illegal signage companies in need of a savior?

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  1. January 9, 2011 4:00 am

    Is this blog a joke?

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