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SuperGraphics Scofflaw in Slammer

February 28, 2010

Shocking news – According to the Los Angeles Times, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich filed a criminal case against the alleged owner of 6777 Hollywood Boulevard for allowing a gigantic vinyl graphic advertisement to placed on the historic building at the north east corner of Hollywood and Highland. The advertisement is for the Dreamworks SKG movie “How to train your Dragon,”  and was doubtless placed on the building in time for the upcoming Oscars Awards

The Times reported that 49 year-old “businessman,” Kayvan Setareh, was arrested at his Pacific Palisades mansion on Friday night. A woman who answered a phone listing for Setareh declined to discuss the case but said the arrest had been “a shock to the whole family,” according to Times reporter David Zahniser.

Quite a shock. Setareh probably thought that the laws of Los Angeles don’t apply to him and now he gets to spend time in the slammer while he scrabbles around to post the $1M bail that City Attorney Trutanich demanded.

The illegal billboard “business” blossomed under the previous administration of disgraced former City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, much like the illegal marijuana shop business also did on his watch. But all that is set to change now that newly elected City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has shown that he is serious about helping the City get to grips with both problems.

The shock to the illegal billboard business community is sure to be a boost to Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, as there are hundreds of these illegal supergraphics and billboards throughout the City. Most offenders were confident that the worst consequence for their law breaking might be a complex lawsuit at worst, and a slap on the wrist fine. Few can have expected that the cost of breaking the billboard law could mean a trip to jail.

Of course, Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry  will not be surprised by the news that breaking the billboard law could land an offender in jail. Last year Perry squealed like a stuck pig when she was told of the potential consequences of breaking the law, claiming that she was “threatened” by Trutanich.

So while Setareh stares at four walls in jail wondering whether it was worth breaking the law, perhaps his “shocked” family will raise a few “Dead Presidents” for Perry’s 2013 Mayoral campaign. After all, it seems to have worked for AEG – they got Perry to make ‘exceptions’ for their billboards, so maybe Perry can do a little fixing for Setareh?

In the meantime, Kayvan Setareh has been accused of 3 violations of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, and is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. Tawfik Hamadizeh permalink
    February 28, 2010 4:58 pm

    this is outrage to business in los angeles. making money is not crime. this man should not be in prison for a minute when he does only good thing and has family. everywhere in city have the signs and make good money in it so should he.

  2. D.B. Barton permalink
    February 28, 2010 5:31 pm

    Tawfik Hamadizeh: Of course making money isn’t a crime, but Mr. Setareh wasn’t charged with making money, he was charged with violating city ordinances that require a permit for signs, inspections to determine such things as the integrity of installation and fire safety, as well as review and approval of any modifications to historically-registered buildings. When someone burglarizes a house or robs a bank he may be making money to do a “good thing” for his family, but I trust you wouldn’t suggest that he should be applauded rather than put in jail.

  3. Good business prevails permalink
    March 1, 2010 9:20 pm

    You’ve got to be kidding right?? It’s one thing to do business the right way but this is ridiculous!! Tawfik, you are basically saying it is OK to rob banks and sell drugs as long as you have family and everyone else is doing it?? GET REAL! Break the law, go to jail! If he is this successful, you probably have the resources to check and see if your business proposal is a legal venture!!


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