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Jan Perry Fails to Silence Zuma Dogg

February 22, 2010

If there’s one person in the Los Angeles City Council who best exemplifies all that is wrong in our City as well as all that is wrong in politics today, it is Councilwoman Jan Perry.

The woman simply has no shame, none whatsoever. She shamelessly panders to AEG’s big bucks when it comes to allowing the City to bankroll their Michael Jackson parade, and worse, she openly flaunts the law when she makes ‘exceptions’ for AEG’s billboards.

With Perry openly campaigning to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles, you have to wonder why the winner of the Mayor Sam Blog’s Political Ass Clown of the Year 2009 couldn’t have shown a little more restraint when faced with hostile public comment last week.

It seems that Perry stampeded all over former 2009 Mayoral Candidate David Saltsburg, aka Zuma Dogg, during public comment in Council Chambers. Saltsburg was commenting on Perry’s motion to fire 4,000 City employees when Perry ordered the microphone to be cut off, bringing Saltsburg’s comments to an untimely end.

Saltsburg posted the picture below on his blog, L.A. Daily.

Saltsburg states that:
“On Friday, Jan Perry kept turning my mic down, telling me to, ‘turn my voice down.”

I continued to speak and deliver my FEDERAL & STATE PROTECTED FREE SPEECH.

The [explicative deleted] said, for a second time,”alright cut his mic…cut his mic.”

Saltsburg apparently then left the Council Chamber and went to see City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (as the picture would seem to indicate) to report what he considers to be a violation of his First Amendment rights.

If, indeed, Jan Perry did unduly silence Saltsburg she may well have violated the Brown Act, as a recent report into similar actions by the Mayor of Carson would seem to indicate.

It is unknown how long Saltsburg spent with Tutanich on Friday, or whether his Office will take any action as Trutuanich’s job is to defend the City (and Perry) in an action brought by the District Attorney’s Office for a violation of the Brown Act.

Although Saltsburg has a reputation of being a gadfly and irritant to certain Los Angeles City Councilmembers, cutting off comments that criticize decisions of the City Council could be seen as a sign of intemperance on the part of Perry, who has been trying to build bridges to the powerful Westside Jewish community in support of her Mayoral aspirations. The Jewish Journal recently published an interview with Perry where she explained that she was Jewish, having converted to the religion some 20 years previously. Her explanation was doubtless intended to suggest that Perry will be a good Mayor to the Jewish community, but given her behavior towards Saltsburg, it could backfire.

If Perry though she could silence Saltsburg by cutting off the microphone, she’s in for a surprise. Saltsburg has vowed to flood the internet with anti-Perry comments to such an extent that any Google search will show negative stories about Perry’s past.

Perry is one of several Los Angeles Councilmembers who will be termed out in 2013, and who have also indicated that they will be running of Mayor. Councilmembers Eric Garcetti is the clear favorite followed by Tom LaBonge and Ed Reyes. Additionally, Controller Wendy Greuel has hired John Shalman as her campaign consultant for her Mayoral campaign.

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  1. Jack permalink
    February 22, 2010 7:39 am

    Perry Jewish! Gimme a f***ing break! I don’t know what is more contemptible, this big money sellout trying to silence criticism, or trying to pretend she’s Jewish.

  2. Leslie permalink
    February 22, 2010 6:30 pm

    As much as I like Jan Perry, I don’t see her as a Contender. But if she wasn’t flying high to become Mayor would she come out with support of “CUTTING” 4,000 JOBS?

  3. Leslie permalink
    February 27, 2010 4:44 pm

    You have every right to be frustrated with each and every Council Member because they all catered to the Development Corporation over the past five years that has contributed to the lack of affordable housing. No one holding a seat should be Mayor with the exception of Eric Garcetti. The question is, is there any person out there capable of challenging Eric?

    Unfortunately, by providing corporate welfare to corporate development the city is not able to generate sufficient revenue during this DEPRESSION. However I expect that CIM and AEG will contribute handsomely to Janice Hann and Jan Perry as they bid for Lt. Governor and Mayor, respectively. One hand washes the other.

    Based on their performance as Council Members, they failed to balance the budget for the past several years. What they did in the past was “over estimate revenue” to balance the budget. They knew all along, quarter by quarter, year by year, revenue was below “budgeted expectations”. ZD, they were “Jive-Talking” the people of L.A.

    JanPerry now wishes she let you S-P-E-A-K!

  4. Donna Pearman permalink
    March 9, 2011 10:11 pm

    I He is politewant Eric Garcetti for mayor.I don’t feel Jan Perry could handle
    the pressure of being mayor.Tom Labonge would is a John Ferrraro
    man-he can’t hardly keep up as councilman-he couldn’t be mayor.
    Ed Reyes does not impress me.Wendy Gruel also doesn’t impress me
    either.Eric Garcetti has already acted as mayor.He is polite.He
    can handle all types of pressure.He is a good council President
    even if he is in love with the CRA.The contenders all love the CRA
    Donna Lou of Van Nuys

  5. Donna Pearman permalink
    March 9, 2011 10:15 pm

    I want Eric Garcetti to be mayor.I don feel that Jan Perry,Ed Reyes,
    Wendy Gruel would be a good choice-Tom Labonge would be just plain
    stupid to vote in for mayor.Eric Garcetti has experience,good with
    public,can handle pressure,dedicated,is available to the public
    and to top it off his young and handsome.Do we really want to lose
    Eric Garcetti even if he is bed with the CRA-they all are
    donnalou of Van Nuys

  6. Donna Pearman permalink
    March 25, 2011 3:49 pm

    We can not afford to lose Eric Garcetti when he is termed out.He is
    organized,able to work with all kinds of people,polite,he speaks
    Spanish,makes people feel good when he chairs the council and handsone to boot.What does the other candidates have that make them
    better for Eric Garcetti for mayor.Donna lou of Van Nuys

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