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Bratton Taps Weiss for Top Job – State Bar Issues Remain

January 28, 2010

The Los Angeles Times reported that former LAPD Police Chief Bill Bratton has picked former City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss to head up the Los Angeles end of his ne global investigations company, Altegrity Risk International. Click here for the full story.

Bratton’s choice is not altogether surprising. While Chief of LAPD, Bratton controversially endorsed Weiss for Los Angeles City Attorney, alongside Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Controller candidate Wendy Greuel.

Weiss suffered a surprising defeat in the May 19, 2009 General Election, losing to an independent candidate, Carmen Trutanich, who was a political outsider. Weiss’s defeat shocked City Hall and brought an abrupt end to the Westside Democrat’s political career. There had always been concerns about Weiss; he had angered his own constituents by ignoring their concerns to such an extent that they started a recall campaign, and his campaign for City Attorney was severely hampered by a string of attacks based on allegations of unethical conduct.

Ultimately, the man who many expected to be a “shoe in” for a future in the limelight of Los Angeles politics, bowed out quietly. Jack Weiss left City Hall on June 30, 2009 and was rumored to be appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa as deputy mayor for homeland security at Los Angeles International Airport. Public outcry at the prospect of this appointment (the Mayor’s office received numerous emails condemning the appointment) stopped the plan.

Six months later and the dust has settled. While Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is rarely out of the news in the City and is enjoying a bumpy ride at City Hall, little has been heard of Weiss. Today’s announcement by Bratton was a surprise. Bratton has always demanded the highest of standards from his subordinates, and many felt that Bratton had been pressured into endorsing Weiss. However, Bratton’s choice of Weiss seems to set aside any suggestion that his endorsement was anything but genuine.

Bratton may, however, be disturbed to find that the ethical concerns that plagued Weiss during his two terms in City Hall and which were prominently raised by his opponent during the City Attorney race have not gone away. Political Blog “Los Angeles Dragnet” today reports that Weiss may be in violation of California State Bar Rule 2.2 and 2.3 which requires a member of the State Bar to maintain accurate record of his place of business, and report any change of address within 30 days.

According to our search of the State Bar’s member records today, Weiss still lists himself as Councilmember for District 5, and continues to use City Hall as his address.

Of course, as Bratton’s new company is private and not subject to State Bar Rules, the former Los Angeles Police Chief may not be concerned that his new employee has not followed the rules, however, sources believe that Weiss’s violation for State Bar rules could subject him to fines and public or private reproval.

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