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Mayor Sam Blog Shuts Down

January 18, 2010

Michael Higby, Mayor Sam's Alter Ego

On Sunday, January 17, 2009, respected political commentator and prolific blogger, Mayor Sam, announced the end of an era by saying ‘Adios.’

The longtime prickly thorn in the ass of many Los Angeles politicians and political appointees gave no reason for his decision to cease being the most widely read and feared blogger in Los Angeles.

Some say Higby is burnt out with the backstabbing, corrupt and unaccountable nature of Los Angeles politics that has not changed in the five years since Higby started his blog.

Others speculate that his is disillusioned, perhaps, at not being acknowledged as the leading political blog in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly, who recently published their list of top blogs.

One thing is certain, the political machine is delighted at the death of Mayor Sam, or even the ‘hiatus’ that Higby claimed to be taking. It gives them breathing space.

Be assured, however, that while Higby has signed off, others will do their best to make the ‘business as usual’ politicians squirm every time they try to pull off stunts to please their special interests. With at least 5 city councilmembers vying to be Mayor in 2013 never has the need been greater to watch the likes of Jan Perry, and Ed Reyes. Mayor Sam’s Blog gave them both richly deserved ‘Political Ass Clown” awards for their ‘personal’ attention to contentious issues in Los Angeles and their unashamed bias towards special interests.

The battle to make politicians accountable and answerable to the electorate will continue here, as well as on other blogs listed here, but we will miss you Mayor Sam.

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