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Koretz Lashes Out – At his own stupidity

January 9, 2010

Paul Potato Head

Six months into the job and CD5 Los Angeles Clowncil member Paul ‘Potato Head’ Koretz is lashing out at everyone but himself in response to criticism of his inability to bring an end to the Medical Marijuana Mayhem he caused by co-authoring the incredibly poorly written Medical Marijuana Program Act of 2004.

At the time Koretz was playing to the West Hollywood drug culture and thought it was humorous to get his Bill the number ‘420.’ The Bill passed thanks to pressure from legalization of drugs activists led by a bunch of sick people that Koretz and that other putz, Ed Reyes, never realized were nothing but a bunch of shills for the drug cartels keen to enlarge their market share.

What threw Mr. Potato Head into a funk was LA Times reporter John Hoeffel’s January 6, 2010 article “Confusion about marijuana sales traced to California law.” In the article, Hoeffel clearly identifies Potato Head as the cause of the so-called confusion in the law that allows people to use, possess and share marijuana, but does not allow them to sell it.

Koretz had not been in City Hall long enough to pick up one of the Mayor Sam Blog Political Ass Clown of the Year awards, but with his continuing efforts to try to pass the buck to others, such as City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Chalfant, Mr. Potato Head Koretz looks certain to be a shoe-in next year.

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